Modellbildung in der Regelungstechnik (MRT)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Moor

Vorlesung, 2 SWS, benoteter Schein, Kredit: 4/4, ECTS-Studium, ECTS-Credits: 5
nur Fachstudium, Sprache Deutsch
Zeit und Ort: Di 14:15 - 15:45, K1-119; Bemerkung zu Zeit und Ort: Beginn der Vorlesung: Di, 17.10.2017

Studienfächer / Studienrichtungen
WPF ME-BA-MG1 3-6 (ECTS-Credits: 5)
WPF ME-MA-MG1 1-3 (ECTS-Credits: 5)
PF EEI-MA-AUT 1-4 (ECTS-Credits: 5)
WF EEI-BA 5-6 (ECTS-Credits: 5)
PF EEI-BA-AUT 5-6 (ECTS-Credits: 5)
PF CE-BA-TA-RT 5 (ECTS-Credits: 5)
WPF BPT-MA-E 1-3 (ECTS-Credits: 5)

Voraussetzungen / Organisatorisches
Findet nur im Wintersemester statt

  • Gewöhnliche Differentialgleichungen als mathematisches Modell technischer Prozesse
  • Zustandsraumdarstellung, Linearisierung, Übertragungsfunktionen

  • Regelungstechnische Modelle mechanischer Systeme

  • Regelungstechnische Modelle chemischer Prozesse

  • Numerische Verfahren zur Simulation

Empfohlene Literatur
Woods, R.L., Lawrence, K.L.: Modelling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems, Prentice Hall, 1997

Modelling of Dynamics for Control System Design

Credits: 5

Class hours per week: 2 lectures, winter semester

Starting with an elementary introduction of technical processes and mathematical modells, the lecture demonstrates modelling techniques by a variety of examples. The discussion will be based on the characterizing [differential-] equations of processes from mechanical- electrical- and process-engineering as well as interdisciplinary concepts such as conservation of energy and material. Some attention will be paid to experiment based modelling (e.g. parameter identification). Once a modell has been established for the engineering process at hand, it can be used to simulate the process. A thorough treatment of numerical solutions to ordinary differential equations will reveal the machinery inside well established computer tools like MATLAB/SIMULINK.

Woods, R.L., Lawrence, K.L.: Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems, Prentice Hall, 1997.

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Zugeordnete Lehrveranstaltungen
UE: Übungen zu Modellbildung in der Regelungstechnik
Dozent/in: M.Sc. Xiaoying Bai
Zeit und Ort: Di 10:15 - 11:45, K1-119; Bemerkung zu Zeit und Ort: Beginn der Übung: Di, 24.10.2017

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Modellbildung in der Regelungstechnik (MRT)